Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Test Bottle #1

Well, after research today, we're going to try the Mam ULTIvent Bottle. It's BPA free, vented and it has very high reviews from breastfeeding moms on various sites I've looked at.

Mam Bottles

The one thing I'm concerned about is the flat nipple. One gal mentioned that her LC didn't care for the flat nipple. Here is her quote:

"The only reason I haven't given these bottles 5 stars is because my Dr. (a breastfeeding medicine specialist) took one look at the nipple and declared that it was detrimental to my attempts to reestablish BF. (I had stopped nursing for medical reasons and had been pumping and giving my daughter expressed breastmilk in these bottles.) She said the reason is that the flat shape of the nipple teaches the baby to keep their tongue further back in the mouth, which can later cause damage to mom's nipple when BF."

I'll have to see if Dr. Punger can weigh in on this one.

I did give Nati a "test suck" on just the nipple and she latched on to it no problem and took a couple of sucks. Mike is going to test it out with her tonight for one feed so we can see how it works before we unleash it upon our daycare provider.

That child is phased by nothing... except when it comes to sleep.


Permission to Mother said... Best Blogger Tips

The nipple doesn't look flat to me.

I really don't think there is a big difference in bottles as far as functionality... our beliefs are shaped by marketing. A baby's suck is not affected by marketing.

Natalie doesn't have a suck problem. It sounds like the baby in the quote has an issue with confusion.

A glass bottle would be the most environmentally friendly.

I once heard that brown nipples were carciogenic.

Can't nipples be interchanged?

Danibee said... Best Blogger Tips

You always make so much sense. I always have a "duh" moment after I receive your answer to a question.

I'll learn. Eventually.

Nati took the bottle no problems last night. I'm still up in the air with possibly doing glass (Evenflo makes one), but I wasn't in love with Evenflo's nipples. BUT, like you said, Nati doesn't have a suck problem and those nipples would probably be fine.

Oh... don't I wish I could do away with these horrible bottles and exclusively breastfeed. *sigh*