Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Playing Catch-up

Wow, it's been ages since I've updated (6 months actually). So much has been going on. Christian and Anilyse left for the summer to spend time at their Mom's house. It was a nice break, but it's good to have them back home. They started school last week.

Well, let's start back 6 months ago, shall we?

Natalie started swimming again in Grammy's pool and was really having a good time with it. We had a hard time finding a floatie suit that would fit her itty-bitty body!

Um... can you say OUCH?!?!?!

(So here are a few more photos in chronoligical order of this catch-up post)
April 19th:

So, then in the begining of May, we found our city's community pool has a splash pad.

I know... right?

She hated the hat. Stinker.

Christian was a bit alusive on this particular trip. He was too busy trying to wrestle the water cannon out of some punk kid's hands.

Some more random photos from May:

Natalie started eating at the table with her brother & sister.

Anilyse made this wonderful fashion statement.

Natalie made a statement of her own (see the diaper??). Don't ask.

And the triumphant debut of the pigtails!

We hit the splash pad again at the end of May (and again with the bee suit, which Daddy this is cruel and unusual punishment):

Then at the begining of June I bought a potty for the bathroom because Natalie showed an interest of sitting down on the scale and reading while I was, ahem, going potty. So.....

She hasn't gotten the hang of it yet.

We braved the heat took a few trips to the park while Bubba & Sissy were gone:

Then 4th of July came around. We spent the day at Grammy & Grampy's house in the pool. We have found a floatie suit that fits her well now and she swims all by herself like a fish!

And these are just a few of her acting silly:

Then we met Aunt Jodi and counsin Ashley in Orlando at Downtown Disney and stayed in Port Orleans!

Then Christian and AJ came back from North Carolina and had lots of snuggle time with everyone!