Saturday, April 12, 2008

God help me!

I just went to get undressed and into bed and took a good look at the t-shirt I had been wearing all day. It has been spit-up on no more then 3 times, has grungy wet spots on it and the neck has been stretched beyond normal by grabby little hands.

The horror in this lies in the reality that I actually went out shopping in this shirt today. To nice stores - not just Walmart! I don't have a stitch of makeup on and my hair is air-dried and pulled back in a clip.

I look like a Mommy (which is not a bad thing).

God help me to remember that I'm also a woman...and it's ok to take some time to do my hair, put on a bit of foundation and to change my spit-up shirt before I head to SteinMart!

Have I mentioned that I want to get my hair cut short again?

Like this:

Gosh, I was skinny... can I have that figure back too?


Lauren said... Best Blogger Tips

Great picture! When was it taken? Love the hair! It will be nice and cool in the summer, huh?

You know, I've noticed that I'm starting to shed more pounds as Ruby gets older. I think it's from all the nursing. Breastmilk is her primary source of nurishment although she's 7 1/2 months old. (She had beans and rice for lunch)

Thanks for this post. I have to remind myself that I'm not only "Mommy", but Lauren, too. I would like to give myself a pedicure & paint my toenails, as I'm always wearing flip flops. Sometimes it takes me a couple of hours to prepare for an outing and flip flops can be slid on in no time. A little toe polish would look nice...

Lauren said... Best Blogger Tips

Also, love the digital scrapbooking. How did you get into it?

Danibee said... Best Blogger Tips

Those photos were taken back in Fall of 2005. My hair was short when I met Mike and he wants me to get it short again.

I've started dropping more weight lately. I was REAL close to 180 when I delivered, and I'm now 142 3-1/2 months later. I typically bottom out (no pun intended) around 130 - 135. I'm big boned. No, really.

I ended up getting a pedicure when I was supposed to be grocery shopping yesterday. I have pretty red toe nails now, but I forgot TONS of stuff at the store as I rushed through after. :)

I started digi scrapping seriously when I was home with Nati for 2 months. I've always been creative. I like to make wedding invitations and such and have always been crafty. I even started a little business making wedding invites called "Little Bee Custom Designs". I wish I had more time to devote to it. I'd love to do it full time out of the house.

Here's some more of my pages. I didn't get to do many and I haven't done ANY since I've been back to work.