Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Miscellaneous Stuff

Haven't posted all week and I've got some new photos and things to show!

We went to Indian Riverside Park on Sunday to let the kids play in the fountain. They had so much fun.




I had her practice sitting up. Hehe.. She was feeling a bit horizontal that day.

And today is my birthday! Big 34! I feel like I'm 60. Nati has had me up at night for a long stretch and it's wearing on me. Anyhoo....

Mom bought me this beauty last night.

I lurve it.

Now I can start taking video of the kids and sending it to "Granny in Tennessee" (that's what the kids actually call her.... they also have a "Grandpa on the Farm". hehe..) and to my family up in Maine! I like that it records directly to DVD. That'll be nice!


Lauren said... Best Blogger Tips

Just saw this post. It is the park in Jensen! I've only been once, but I loved it!

Neat video camera!

Lauren said... Best Blogger Tips