Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Unfortunately Natalie isn't exclusively breastfed, when I'm at work, she gets bottles of my milk that I pump while at work.

This comes with a myriad of issues - most recently being BPA (bisphenol A).

I use Dr. Browns botles which contain BPA. Also, the bottles I pump into and use for refrigerator temporary storage contain BPA.

I've done some preliminary research and my first reaction was to go buy new bottles. I found a list of non-BPA bottles (all of which are very expensive) and was ready to head to the store with list in hand.

I hate to say this, but I'm just not keen on spending a couple hundred dollars on baby bottles. One reason I initially started breastfeeding was for the cost savings (of course it's not the only reason). I'm not entirely certain on the research at this point, and just have't made up my mind.

Is it horrible that I'm contemplating not switching right away? I mean, what's a couple hundred of dollars if it's my baby's health in question?

Does anyone have any advice / stories / research that I might take into consideration?


Permission to Mother said... Best Blogger Tips

This is a great post and I have not thought it through yet. I am looking foward to other responses. NOw that you "caught" me, I'll let you know if I come up with anything.

Pumping into medela plastic bags/or reusable collecting devise and storing in ice cube trays (do they have BPA?)?


Danibee said... Best Blogger Tips

I store in the freezer in bags (haven't checked the content of the plastic on those...), but I think I've used maybe 6 bags EVER, and I probably have 2 - 3 dozen bags in there. For some reason, I just hate to give her frozen if I have fresh available in the fridge.

Can I pump into the Medela bags with my Pump in Style? I've heard it can be done, but not sure how.

We were just getting ready to switch from the Dr. Browns to the Avent anyway (Avent has BPA as well). The Dr. Browns has so many pieces to wash and we think she's over the colicy period where the Dr. Browns was so good. Also, Dr. Browns had a premie nipple that she could drink out of without flooding her mouth. Even the newborn nipples on the Avent or others made her choke.

Lauren said... Best Blogger Tips

I have some Avent bottles that are collecting dust if you would like them... :)

Danibee said... Best Blogger Tips

I don't have a Pump in Style... DUH. I have an Ameda Purely Yours.

Danibee said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for the offer Lauren, but the Avent have BPA in them as well.

Permission to Mother said... Best Blogger Tips

The "original" style of Medela bags came with a twist tie that held the plastic bag securely at the neck of the flange apparatus.

I am not able to describe how the newer bag attaches in writing, but it definately does.

Permission to Mother said... Best Blogger Tips

I stand corrected. I am not sure if the new medela bags work on the Ameda pumps. I imagine they can. I haven't had the opportunity to try it out. I hav a sample bag, if you want to check it out.