Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Four Things Tag

I saw this tag on another blog and thought I'd give it a try.

Four Jobs You've Had in Your Life
Receptionist for a citrus juice company
Project Manager for commercial door & hardware company
Hostest at Applebee's Restaurant
Pre-Construction Coordinator for commercial construction company

Four Movies You've Watched More Than Once
Breakfast at Tiffany
White Christmas
Memoirs of a Geisha

Four Places You've Lived
Bangor, Maine (where I was born)
Pittsfield, Maine (until I was 12)
Ft. Pierce, Florida (apartment rentals before I got married)
Port St. Lucie, Florida (where I live now)

Four TV Shows You're Watching
Ugly Betty
America's Next Top Model
Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Four Places You've Been on Vacation
Disney World
New York City
Washington DC
Nashville, TN

Four Things You Love to Eat
Fettuccine alfredo
Tuna sushimi

Four Things You're Looking Forward To
Watching my kids grow up
Growing old with my husband
Our next vacation (no plans yet)
Building our dream home in Tennessee

Four Places You Love to Shop
Tuesday Morning
JC Penny


Lauren said... Best Blogger Tips

Interview with a Geisha sounds really interesting. I saw and read Memoirs of a Geisha- amazing story.

Jen said... Best Blogger Tips

I love this post. good times. I think I am going to re-post it and punch in my answers.

Danibee said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh.. that's right. Memoirs of a Geisha. Not Interview.


That's what I get for blogging on 2 hours sleep.

Thanks Lauren!

Lauren said... Best Blogger Tips

Man, I love that movie! I thought that you were talking about another Geisha movie that I would want to watch. I would love to listen to a Geisha talk about her life!

Nati's still keeping you up at night? Is she getting up because she's still recovering from being sick or is fighting another bug? I notice that Ruby wakes up a lot during the night to nurse when she's feeling cruddy. It's not 'cause she's hungry, but because she feels bad and needs to be comforted by me.

Danibee said... Best Blogger Tips

Lauren - see next blog entry...