Monday, April 21, 2008

4 Months Old!

Well, Natalie is 4 months old as of the 20th. My big girl! I tried to take some 4 month photos, but she was a bit uncooperative. Here they are! (I realize I need to stop zooming in so far, but her eyes mesmerize me!)

Oh.. should I mention I got my hair cut? I'll blog about it next...

Then, after nap, we went over to Mom & Dad's house to drown, uh, let the kids play in the pool. I figured Nati was ready to hop in as well.

Oh my gosh, my baby has muffin tops.

She LOVED splashing

And loved swimming around

And I even dunked her (3 times). Don't worry, she loved it. Seriously. She did.

It was a great relaxing weekend.


Lauren said... Best Blogger Tips

Great pictures! I want to buy Ruby a bathing suit. I love Nati's- it's a pretty color!

Have you looked into infant swim lessons? I have some info on infant survival swimming that I can e-mail you if you're interested. One of the gals in our Organic Buying Group has been in touch with an instructor who can come to her house. She's trying to get a group together.

Danibee said... Best Blogger Tips

I got it at Gymboree. They run small though. Ruby would look adoreable in one!

I have a contact through Weight Watchers of a gal who teaches this class also. Maybe it's the same person. I may be interested in the class.