Monday, March 24, 2008

Weekend Recap

WOW! What a busy weekend. It started off really great.

Saturday morning Mom and I went to get weighed-in at Weight Watchers and I lost another 1-1/2 pounds, making it 8-1/2 lbs in 5 weeks. I'm pleased. Then, Nati and I were off to a LLLI meeting in Ft. Pierce (she screamed the whole way there). To be honest, I was VERY apprehensive to go. I had NO idea what types of people I would meet or how they would view my particular parenting styles. I was relieved to have met a wonderful, supportive group of women (with adoreable babies!) who I hope to get to know much better. I will definately be returning.

After the meeting, Nati and I went home (she cried the whole way home). Around 4:00 or so we went to the mall with the kids to get a few last minute Easter clothes. Nati fussed and I ended up carrying her the whole way (I still haven't found a carrier I like). We ended up eating at Ruby Tuesdays and I tried to feed her while we were in there. The booths were WAY too tight and the restaurant was really crowded so I wasn't comfortable at all. Nati cried some more. I finally was able to feed her but she wasn't too happy.

Sunday morning we woke up to Christian screaming "WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!" upon seeing his Easter basket. It was nothing too special, but he does enjoy having surprises like that. I had him write a letter to the Easter Bunny the night before and I wrote him back a letter and nibbled on the carrots he put out. It was fun watching him read the letter in the morning. We got dressed and headed to church where Nati behaved during worship, but proceeded to fuss once the message started.

Here's Nati in her Easter finery:

So I headed to the mother's room where it was standing room only, it being Easter and all. So I sat on the floor and nursed her. I use a nursing cover when I'm in public (it helps me really not be too self conscious.) I just LOVE it.

The past few weeks there's been a different nursing mother in there every Sunday. I think that's GREAT! Usually, they're fussing with a blanket or obviously uncomfortable shielding themselves from a bunch of strangers, so I pass my cover around and they love it! I end up walking out front to get a piece of paper and pen to write down the website. This weekend, there was a grandmother in there bottle feeding her granddaughter. She loved the cover and said she needed to get one for her daughter, as she's about to give up breastfeeding all together as she's not comfortable doing it in public. I RAN out of the room to get a pen and paper and urged her to get one for her daughter in hopes it would make her more comfy. I can relate - really. I HATE getting the stares from people (oldy enough, it's the older generation that seems to have a problem with it), but it's what's best for my Bee, so I have learned to "get over it". haha.

After church I took Nati over to Moms to relax and visit while Mike and the kids took a nap (she cried on the way over). Then around dinner time we went to Mike's Aunt's house for dinner. Nati fussed A LOT. I spent lots of time in the bedroom cuddling and nursing her, but she was so tired from such a hectic weekend. I felt horrible. She didn't want me to sit down (except when I was nursing her) so my feet hurt from pacing the floor for 3 hours.

We finally left and headed home (she cried all the way home).

THEN.... it happened...


Lauren said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm glad you had a good time at the meeting. Like I said, I thought that there were going to be a bunch of wacko's there, but I was wrong. I like going to the meetings because you get to chat with the mommies and watch what the older babies are doing. Soon your baby will be doing the same things! I also like seeing the pregnant women grow and then become mommies! Meeting their babies for the first time is neat.

Getting support is imperative if you want to continue nursing. You can get helpful suggestions from the other mommies who are in the same boat as you (working/pumping). Also, you can get to practice nursing in public at the meetings. I was totally impressed with your confidence nursing at the meeting!!! I wasn't nearly as confident/comfortable nursing at my first LLL meeting as you were on Saturday.

It takes a while to get comfortable nursing in public. There's nothing wrong with slipping into a dressing room at Macy's instead of nursing in the food court. At least you can watch yourself in the mirror and practice nursing discretely w/o a cover.

Not once has anybody said anything to me while I was nursing in public. Also, I found that *I* was the one who had the hang-up. Sooo, I learned not to look at other people for their reaction. I just look at my baby instead *or* I chat with whoever's with me. That way I don't even have to try to figure out what people are thinking.

Now I even nurse without a cover. From a distance (10 ft) and at a glace, it just looks like I'm holding a sleeping baby. With the cover, I found that I got more stares. But it took me a few months to get to the point where I could nurse w/o a cover. You'll get there!

Danibee said... Best Blogger Tips

The meeting was wonderful. It gave me some adult time without having to worry if Nati was being taken care of or not and I didn't have to be self-conscious of nursing her. I'd love to attend a LLL meeting every day! haha.

Speaking of Macys - I LOVE their ladies room for nursing, they have a "lounge" in the front half and it's comfy and discrete.

I still like to use my nursing cover - especially in restaurants. Nati tends to get fussy and squirms around a lot. People still know what I'm doing, but don't have to see it.