Friday, March 14, 2008

The Bee is sick

Poor little thing, she's had a cough for a while and yesterday it started getting "wet and gurgly" sounding. Of COURSE with the weekend coming up, it would start getting worse. She's also started developing a small rash on her groin area. I wasn't too worried about it for a few days, then yesterday I noticed it had grown considerably. I was concerned, so I went onlnie and checked it out. I'm pretty sure it's ringworm. How she got it, I have NO idea. So, I called the doctor's office this morning and got her in for a 2:50 appointment. I've got a meeting this afternoon, so luckily Mike can take her. We'll see. I just want my baby Bee to bee all better.

Well, over the weekend I found some Baby Legs locally. I was SO excited. I've wanted to try these out with her for quite some time. I absolutely love them and need to get some more!

We had to do a photo shoot and I just LOVE her bare bottom. These are the best photos I could manage with her squirming around and with the limited knowledge of my new camera.

Edited to add: Mike just called, Doc isn't concerned with her cough, but she's definately got ringworm in two places on her "girly parts". Poor thing. He said that it could have come from anywhere (even the cats!) and it's very possible, in fact very likely, that no one else would have it. Good news is that she doesn't seem bothered by it. He gave us a cream to put on there and she'll be fine in about 1-1/2 weeks.