Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Update on... well... Stuff

I realized I've been a bad blogger and haven't really been keeping up on the day-to-day at the Bee Household.

Brief recap:

I broke a tooth two weeks ago. I was able to get into the dentis the next day. Upon seeing my tooth and doing an xray and some preliminary poking around, she determined I'd need a root canal. WHA???? So, this past friday I was in the chair getting my first root canal. It hurt. It still hurts. And they're not done yet. You see.. I have this pesky little issue with my tooth. All 3 roots have a hook on them. Like a fish hook. Like when the doctor saw the xray she said "Oh yea... that'll be fun". Gee, thanks doc. So, they were able to do part of the root canal and I have another (2-1/2 hour) appointment this coming Friday morning. In the meantime I'm swallowing Tylenol like it's going out of style and doing all I can to remember not to chew on that side.

Let's see.. what else?

The time is coming for Christian and Anilyse to go visit their mother for 3 weeks in North Carolina. Although I'm looking forward to the break, I dread them leaving. I also dread them coming back. Their mother isn't exactly the "mothering type" and has been known, in the past, to medicate them with Benadryl, allow them to stay up as late as they want, feed them an endless supply of Happy Meals, bubble gum, candy and Mountain Dew and forget to bathe them. Luckily, as the kids are getting older, we have taught them to be self-sufficient and (hopefullly) instilled in them a better sense of what is right or wrong. BUT, I have a feeling that we'll have to "re-train" the kids when they come back home. Oh joy.


*Adriann* said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm Here!!!! UH I know the ex pain...as Gavin is with his dad for the month of June and everytime he comes home it is the same "reprogramming" where there is a bedtime, healthy meals and rules. I love the break but the aftermath is awful. I was telling Tupps and Kelley today how absolutely gorgeous your daughter is!! Don't lose touch!!!

Gracie's Mom said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi you! I miss you lots. I'm sorry to hear about the dental junk... no fun at all. I'll be keeping up with you here, so come by http://graciewhite.blogspot.com to keep up with your fellow floridians in Minnesota.