Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Come Out, Come Out, Wherever you are!

I'm a lurker, I'll admit. It's a nasty habit and one I'm trying hard to overcome. I can relate, really. But come on... come out of the woodwork! Let me know you're here!


lorelb said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm here not lurking... just reading :)

*Adriann* said... Best Blogger Tips

I didn't know you had this!!!! I've added it to my favorites!!

Trish Chibas said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi there! I'm Trish. I'm pretty sure you're part of the La Leche League of the Treasure Coast. I am too! I saw your link on Lauren's page and must admit, I check to see how you and your little angel are doing from time to time. She's absolutely beautiful and you must be so proud. You're doing a great job! Hopefully, we will meet one day soon.