Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend Recap

WHEW! What a weekend. Have you ever had such a hectic, busy weekend that you're thankful to get back to work on Monday morning just so you can sit down? Well I just had one of those weekends.

Mom came into town and we knocked out the rest of my Christmas and Natalie's Birthday shopping! I've never been done this early. I feel like I can actually breathe and enjoy Christmas now. I have no idea what to do with myself!!!

Bernard made his appearance all weekend, like clockwork. He showed up in Natalie's bedroom on her Christmas tree on Friday night, then under the tree on Saturday night putting the moves on Barbie.

Then..... last night.....

The little twerp defaced our family photo last night (luckily he grabbed an extra one I had laying around (which was too big for the frame, but I don't think the kids noticed). Natalie said "Naughty, naughty Bernard!!!" and told him she didn't like him drawing on her.

Mike decided that he liked Bernard hanging around, despite all his antics. Anilyse typically is a bear to wake up in the morning. Now all Mike has to do is say "Guess where Bernard is!" and she bolts up out of bed. He wants to know if we can keep him around all year!

On a separate topic, Natalie and I went to the mall last night to help her ease through the transition of Grammy leaving. She's been on that bungee trampoline thing one time before and wanted to do it again. Somehow, my 3-year old was able to teach herself how to do backflips! I'm still flabbergasted!

All in all, a great weekend. How are you on your Christmas shopping? Anyone else doing Elf on the Shelf? I'd LOVE to hear your Elf stories!


bgorden said... Best Blogger Tips

What fun you are having with your elf on the shelf - we don't have one, but after reading so many fun posts, I think we may get one =-) I am your newest follower! I'd love for you to follow me back =-) I also wanted to invite you to link up at my TGIF Linky Party
Beth =-)

Mary said... Best Blogger Tips

We love our elf on the shelf - his name is Marco. Wish I could upload some pics of what he's been up to recently. His first night here - he raided our Christmas decorations and got caught in our tree. His 2nd night he made himself a lego sleigh and used some of my son's lego horses as his "reindeer". His 3rd night he became a fan of Angry birds and decided to build himself an angry birds game board. I have a sneaky suspicion that something is going to happen to our stockings tonight which might or might not involve my son's socks and underwear......hmmmmmm