Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Baby Mine

This song is in my heart right now and I've been singing it Natalie.

I miss her during the day so much. She's growing so fast these past few weeks. She's starting to scoot on her belly, starting to sit by herself, she's showing some definate personality.

My favorite thing right now is when I wake up in the morning and she's already awake in her crib. I stand over the side and when she looks over to notice me she grins SO WIDE. It's the biggest smile I see on her all day. It makes it so special because that smile is just for me.

My other favorite thing is in the shower at night. I hang her washcloth on a little towel rack in the shower. She'll adamantly reach for the washcloth, then when she gets it, she will wet it under the shower then put it in her mouth to suck on. It's so neat to see her doing things on her own. This one, for some reason, really strikes me.


Lauren said... Best Blogger Tips

What a sweet song! It's so much fun watching our babies learn about the world around them. Every day brings on a new discovery. It's sad to think that they will never be this little ever again, but exciting to watch what they'll do next.