Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Bessy needs to up her game

Ok... today scared me.

Nati's daycare provider had to delve into her frozen stash I gave her. Nati ate every 2 hours today for a grand total of 18 ounces between 7:00 am - 5:00 pm.

Keep in mind, I only pump 14 - 16 ounces during this time.


I'm hoping I'm not spotting a new trend here. I could see this coming. Nati would be starving by the time I picked her up from daycare for the past few weeks. She's nursing ALL evening and night. My saving grace during the week would be the one day when she would take an extra long nap and not take all 4 bottles that day.

I have some freezer stash, but not enough to make up the void long-term.

I'm just praying that she backs off a bit, as formula is NOT an option.


Lauren said... Best Blogger Tips

Holy Cow!!! Good for you for being so dedicated! So if your stash dwingles down to nothing, can you pump on the weekends to send in? Have you tried nursing teas or herbal supplements? My friend in Orlando who pumps at work (part time) says she notices a dip in her supply when she slacks off on her supplements.

It was nice to see you and Nati on Saturday!

Danibee said... Best Blogger Tips

"Holy Cow" hehe... funny.

I'm trying to pump at night after she goes to bed to keep up. It's just making me more tired, but oh well. That's what Mommies do.

I tried the supplements, but I didn't really see an increase. I did notice she was much more fussy when I was taking them though, so I stopped. Not sure if they were affecting her or not.

It was great seeing you and Ruby too. I've really enjoyed seeing her videos on your blog.

Jen said... Best Blogger Tips

I have a friend who is also a very dedicated breastfeeding mom, like yourself who is also back to work and pumping, like yourself. I wish I could have introduced you two at the sling fling but by the time I saw you she had left. She has a son who I think is about Nati's age. I was going to forward her your email because maybe you guys could help each other out with pumping support or advice etc. I know in special circumstances (such as pumping a lot) it can help to have others who are dealing with the exact same kind of issues. If you think you would be interested just let me know. Her name is Stephanie. I may have lost your email so if I can put you two in contact just email it to me (
Hope you had a great mothers day!

Permission to Mother said... Best Blogger Tips

You are doing a great job. I never did have supply issues, but I remember toting the milk and pump back and forth, cleaning my supplies every night, taking inventory of my fresh and frozen supply, and making sure all my parts were in order. TEDIOUS! but worth it!