Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Parades

What a HECTIC weekend! My company participated in TWO holiday festivals and parades this weekend, one on Saturday, the other on Sunday. I, as the company appointed cruise director, was there for the entire event, both days.

Ugh. My bells are tired of jingling.

Here is our tent set up at the Port St. Lucie Festival.

We were selling raffle tickets for a child's playhouse that we built. The proceeds of the raffle benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters!

Here's Yours Truly, the head elf. Yes, I look ridiculous, but the hat was W.A.R.M.! Vanity goes out the window when it's 60ยบ with a strong breeze. I look a little thick in the middle from the 14 shirts I was wearing under the jacket. Not really, but kinda...

We had a good time doing bean bag tosses with the kids that were at the festival. This little girl was ADOREABLE!

And Natalie got to be in her very first parade! She wore those adoreable antlers for both parades! She got so many OOHs and AAHs, it was adoreable. My boss got tons of photos on his camera, but he's in Georgia now with his camera card. Pffftt.... I'll have them on Wednesday.