Thursday, December 4, 2008

Catching up

Wow, it's been a while since I last posted. I'm going to blame it on the stress of the holidays and the stress of a near one-year old! To make up for it, I started this post with a new little photo gem from Thanksgiving. Isn't it great?

A LOT has happend lately. As you know, I wrecked my car and well, it ended up being totaled. I took Mike's car (Kia Rondo) and he went out and bought a used pick up. We're all happy now. The Rondo is SO much easier to get Natalie in and out of!


Work has been crazy, as I'm the self-proclaimed "Cruise Director" and I kick into high gear around the holidays. Our company, Paul Jacquin & Sons, is doing something really neat for the holidays!

Our guys built a child's playhouse and we're going to raffle it off to benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters. This thing is NICE! We've already raised a bunch of money! We're entering it in the two local holiday parades this weekend and we even have a booth to sell more tickets.

You can see the playhouse on our website If you're local, please come out on the weekend and buy some tickets! Or, contact me and I can get you some tickets. Tickets are $5.00 each or 5 for $20.00! 100% of the proceeds benefit BBBS!


Natalie turned 11 months on November 20th. Can you believe it? Time is FLYING. She's getting to be such a big girl. She's been walking for months and is all over the house. She's a very active little girl! She's eating like a champ and is very good with table foods. We only do "baby food" on a rare occasion. Her favorites are diced tomatoes, sweet potatoes, diced chicken, tiny broccoli florettes, and her day care even has her eating beans (yucky!). She's a good healthy eater. We're starting to sneak whole milk in on her occassionaly in preparation of weaning at 1 year, but she is wise on us and doesn't like it. I have a feeling weaning may take some time. We'll still nurse at night, but I want to stop pumping and get her on cow's milk during the day.

She's still pretty slow on talking. Her first sound was "Ba" and has graduated on to "Da" and sometimes "Ga". She's just not in a hurry to talk. Go figure.

We are a bit concerned with her legs. She's always been a bit bowleged and pigeon toed since she was born, but we figured as she started walking they would straighten out. Well, they really haven't. She's also having a bit of problems walking sometimes, tripping over her toes. We're keeping a close eye on them. I had orthopedic problems at birth as well and I know that at a young age, it can be corrected very easily. We're going to give it a few more months before we look into it more.


I took the kid's christmas photos a few weekends ago in the garage. I got hundreds of photos of them not loooking at me, and the ones where they did look at me they were making funny faces. Here are the two photos that will make the Christmas Card this year!

I promise I'll start getting better at updating on a regular basis!


Permission to Mother said... Best Blogger Tips

That turkey leg looks deicious!
I love that photo of your daughter decorated your son. All the photos are great!

Trish Chibas said... Best Blogger Tips

Those pictures are just to darn cute. I wonder if I could wrap Brianna in Christmas lights and it come out that cute. I just might have to try. You're an excellent photographer!

Rebecca Tresler said... Best Blogger Tips

You are way sweet! Thanks!

I LOVE the pictures! and that turkey leg picture is hilarious and awesome!