Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bernard Strikes Again

Well, it looks like our mischievous Elf is at it again. But last night, instead of flying home to the North Pole, he decided to help himself to my email account and send a message to Santa. Cheeky little Elf.

His message read as follows:

Dear Santa:

I wanted to email you a quick note while the family was asleep to let you know that I made it down here to Florida safe and sound and to let you know that I’m not going to fly back to the North Pole tonight.

I’m very tired from climbing their Christmas tree when I arrived yesterday, and I think I’ll wander around tonight and get used to my new home. I’ll make it back home tomorrow night, ok?

Everyone here has been sweet to me so far. Christian, Anilyse and Natalie all seem very nice – I think they’ll end up on your nice list. But, don’t worry, I’ll keep track and let you know if they end up being very naughty.

I remember the talk we had before I left the North Pole – about staying out of trouble. I’ll try very hard, Santa, but you know how much I love to play pranks.

See you tomorrow night!


Bernard the Elf

Wonder what he'll be up to tonight.......?