Monday, July 21, 2008

Why I love Photoshop


My Baby is a Pot Head. hehe...


YEA! Much better!!!


Lauren said... Best Blogger Tips

She's getting cuter and cuter!

Say, what kind of flowers/plants are those in the background? They are really pretty!

fitncrafty said... Best Blogger Tips

What a beautiful baby and photo!!!

Danibee said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks! I have no idea what kind of flowers those are. We just moved and they were already planted. If I find out, I'll let you know!

Munch75 said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow, what mad photoshop skills you have! I felt like I was looking at one of those "Can you find the changes" things in the People magazine!

And of course, what a beautiful lil girl! She's growing so fast! :)

Darcy said... Best Blogger Tips

Found you through an OLU link...hope you don't mind if I follow along. Your daughter is so cute, I love your photography, and I'm a Floridian too (Orlando area). Can I ask what kind of camera you use?

Darcy said... Best Blogger Tips

*sigh* Obviously you can tell I read back in blogs too....and am too tired to remember to go back to the most recent page.